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I make puns & dad jokes🤷🏻‍♂️ Swim/Run🏊🏼‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️-Psych BA👨🏻‍🎓-AU Counseling 21📚venm:RossSwim14 CashApp: $RossSwim14 -tik tok/insta: ross_swim14 (23k🥳)

New York, USA

Joined on 31 August, 2014

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This Pokémon Presents video tomorrow better be Diamond and Pearl remakes announcement. GIVE US GEN 4 POKEMON COMPANY. TAKE US BACK TO SINNOH

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Marjorie Taylor Greene putting up an anti-trans sign in response to her office neighbor (who’s daughter is trans) putting up a trans-pride flag shows that Greene is worst than trash. She is the trash of trash. Mega trash. Be better congresswoman.

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A lot of people are FALLING in love with #FallGuysSeason4 👏🏻

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Wow, Rachael really showed how much she is falling in love with Matt last night 🐸☕️ #TheBachelorABC #TheBachelor

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Don Jr. freaked out when Ted Cruz was trending on twitter.

This is Don Jr. seeing himself trending in twitter for threatening the Teachers Union with guns in the background:

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#TheDumbestThingsMenDo and women do is support Donald Trump

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#ImGettingOldBecause time is passing 24/7

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#NationalLoveYourPetDay?? Sorry but every day is National love your pet day😐

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What a fucking day

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Quoted @KaceyMusgraves

@Sethrogen @SenTedCruz Gonna donate all proceeds to help Texans in need

This is a amazing. The best way to throw a punch at Ted Cruz. Add @KaceyMusgraves to the list with Beto and AOC of people doing more than Cruz to help Texans #FlyingTed #TedFled #FledCruz #TexasBlackout

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The Darcy/Vision team up is the tag team we didn’t know we needed #WandaVision #DisneyPlus

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#WandaVision before work is the only way to start your morning off right

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Just a little #FridayMotivation 🥰

No matter what you do, people are going to judge you. So you might as do what makes you happy and surround yourself with positive people, leaving the negative, judging people behind. #FridayThoughts

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The meme of the day is reality #TedFled #FlyingTed #TexasFreeze

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Quoted @tedcruz

I’m making sure we do everything we can to get the power turned on in Texas and to make sure this never happens again.

Lol you didn’t have 2nd thoughts until people started catching you on camera 😂 AND YOU LEFT YOUR DOG TO FREEZE TOO. you should really resign you sick fuck✨ #TedFled #FlyingTed

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The real way to unify Americans is to shit on Ted Cruz as a country and completely rip him a new one. That ass hat needs to resign. #CruzResign #CanCruz #FlyingTed #TedFled

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