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Some local governments want to hold oil companies accountable for climate change. But do those suits belong in state court or federal court? And why does it matter? SCOTUS heard argument today on that issue. We tried to summarize in a TikTok minute. Follow us if you haven’t yet!

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Elizabeth Prelogar, a Cooley law firm partner and former appellate attorney on Mueller's team, is set to return to DOJ solicitor general office as top deputy via @MarciaCoyle & @cryanbarber

This was the topic of our SCOTUStalk podcast episode this week. Elizabeth Prelogar will return to DOJ as top deputy in the solicitor general's office. Still waiting for the SG pick announcement...

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#SCOTUS issues orders from last week's conference, but no new grants today:

No new grants today. @AHoweBlogger’s got the orders list.

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You can listen to both cases LIVE ON @cspan.

FCC case:

Climate-change case:

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SCOTUS will hear oral argument in two cases starting at 10 a.m. The first case is about FCC ownership rules that could affect who owns local newspapers and radio and television stations, which could in turn influence how we get news from those outlets.

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Next the court will hear an important climate-change case. Baltimore is suing major companies for global warming. The court will decide a procedural issue but it could have important implications for climate-change suits. Read more from @AHoweBlogger.

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#SCOTUS nerds are also watching this one closely. The Court has been considering Silver's petition for review of his case since early December, and could theoretically announce whether it will take it up as early as 9:30 am this morning.

The Supreme Court will issue orders at 9:30 a.m. EST. The court could grant a number of new cases including Silver’s petition mentioned below, abortion rights, election law, spiritual advisers at execution, and the Boston marathon bomber.

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Alright friends, we have joined TikTok! Give us a follow and send us ideas for what we should Tok about next.

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Who will be the next solicitor general?

SCOTUStalk’s ⁦@AHoweBlogger⁩ chats with our media editor ⁦@katieleebarlow⁩ about potential Biden picks + who may be on the short list if a justice retires in the coming year.

Send us your guess for SG!

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Replying to @AHoweBlogger: Justice Sotomayor has done this before: She swore in then-Vice President Biden back in 2013:

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ABC News reporting that Justice Sonia Sotomayor will swear in Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris.

Justice Sotomayor has done this before: She swore in then-Vice President Biden back in 2013:

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Dustin Higgs was executed at 1:23 AM, two hours after a majority of the Supreme Court, over sharp dissents, cleared the way. The court relied on a rarely used procedure to issue a decision before an appeals court could weigh in.

Our story on the decision:

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@SCOTUSblog Any explanation this time around from them? I don’t know how they can sleep at night without even giving an explanation for making sure a man is killed. We should be owed that at the very least.

As with other death penalty appeals, the majority's ruling on the Higgs execution came in the form of a brief, unsigned order, with no explanation of the court's reasoning. Both Breyer and Sotomayor wrote dissents explaining why they think the execution should not proceed.

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The legal issue before SCOTUS tonight was a technical one: whether the government is permitted to administer Higgs’ execution in accordance with the law of Indiana, even though Higgs was convicted in Maryland. A majority of the court said that is permissible.

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This is the third night this week that SCOTUS has cleared the way for the federal government to carry out an execution, over dissents from the three liberal justices.

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BREAKING: The Supreme Court allows federal government to proceed with the execution of #DustinHiggs tonight, reversing lower courts that had put the execution on hold. Breyer, Sotomayor & Kagan dissent.

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Will we see a retirement on the Supreme Court this year?

Listen to the latest SCOTUStalk with our co-founders @AHoweBlogger and @TomGoldsteinSB as they talk about what has happened this past year and what may be in store in the future.

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#SCOTUS announces that for Inauguration-related security reasons, it will not accept paper filings between Jan. 15 & Jan. 20. It also notes that change "does not affect filing deadlines":

Brief security-related update from the Supreme Court. No paper filings through Inauguration Day.

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We’re partnering with @Casetext because technology should drive the future of legal research. More on why and what you can expect here:

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