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Award-winning #PublicRelations & #Communications professional, @WashburnUniv alum, die-hard @Chiefs fan, and Kansan. 🌻🇵🇷

Houston, TX

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Dirty mutha-bleeping Sorensonnnnnn!!!!!! LFGGGGGG!!!!! #chiefs #raiders #snf #ChiefsKingdom #RunItBack

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I blame the @Chiefs for my terrible acid reflux today. Too #stressed about tonight. 🙄🤣 #chiefs #SNF #raiders #ChiefsKingdom #SundayNightFootball

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Kudos to @KevinHart4real for allowing fans to experience him in a very intimate and vulnerable space. Love the pajama fit! 👏🏽 #zerofsgiven #comedy

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Unpopular food opinion:

Mac & cheese should NEVER be cooked in the oven. #Thanksgiving2020 #periodt #food

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He wasn’t just my grandpa in our family, so so much more, and what I won’t allow to happen is for him to be another statistic that is overlooked by many of the selfish individuals who choose to not wear a mask because they feel it’s “oppressing.”

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where you live. I’m emotionally and physically EXHAUSTED about the leadership that has been nearly non-existent during this tumultuous time in many Americans’ lives and those of us that are suffering because of it.

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- YES this virus is REAL and affecting lives and families (contrary to what certain political figures have said)
- YES wear a MUTHA******* mask or stay home (and that’s on PERIODT)

#stayhome #COVID__19 #family #love

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I’m not sure how much louder it needs to be said or if more concise spelling can emphasize the urgency, but let’s try it again.

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I don’t want this to be another tweet about #coronavirus that’s overlooked because you’re thinking “This doesn’t affect me” or “well he was old anyway.” Let me be very clear....this virus doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care about what you have in your bank account or

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, whom we know you loved very much. It’s gut-wrenching to watch your family, especially a parent experience pain that you can’t heal nor cure, but I put all my faith in God to provide us strength. Te amo abuelito y que descanses.

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You put up a tremendous fight these past few weeks like the warrior you are and gave COVID-19 one hell of a battle. It was an honor to be your granddaughter, and I’m thankful to know that you’re no longer suffering and finally reunited with abuela (although I called her crema 😊)

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Definitely sick of being on this couch all year, however I’ll do my part to ensure the safety of others.
#mood #coronavirus #SaturdayVibes

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The #PepsiHalftime Show on @CBS featuring @theweeknd is sure to be nothing short of transcendent 🙌 @Pepsi @rocnation #SBLV

Yassssssssssssss. ❤️🙌🏽 #SBLV

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I would be lying if I didn’t admit I’m thoroughly enjoying the @Saints slaughtering of the @Buccaneers. #SundayNightFootball #SNFonNBC #Saints #Buccaneers #NFL #NFLSunday

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Ohh the ballerina Christmas advert from Amazon is just perfect 🦢🌸🩰❄️☁️

This is the one @amazon. This is the one. 👏🏽❤️

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BREAKING: Joe Biden Defeats Donald Trump in Historic Presidential Campaign​

LET’S GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! #bidenharris2020

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Thinking I could definitely use a #holidate in 2021. 🤔 @RobertsEmma @lukebracey #genius

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LeBron James FaceTimes his mother Gloria after winning his fourth title: “Everything that you had been through, everything that I had seen, there’s nothing that can stop me. I hope I continue to make you proud, Mom.”

This is the goal everyday of my life. There’s no greater feeling than making your parents proud. ❤️

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