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The most serious trouble Donald Trump faces may be in his former home town

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Which currencies look dear? Our Big Mac index has been updated

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How did a Colombian drug baron who worked for Pablo Escobar humiliate the American and Swiss authorities? From @1843mag

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By 2060, 40% of Japanese could be 60 or older

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In 2020 Oxford University counted 81 countries with organised misinformation campaigns—up from 28 three years ago

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Replying to @stevenmazie: Does Donald Trump face legal peril when he leaves office on Wednesday? Let me count the ways

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Does Donald Trump face legal peril when he leaves office on Wednesday? Let me count the ways

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The coronavirus has brought Texas plenty of challenges, but it has also presented it with an opportunity

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Today, some 60% of women in Europe say they dye their hair. In America the figure is over 70% From @1843mag

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On “Money Talks” with @Pat_Lane:
-@CHowardCHoward asks, can commodities keep climbing?
-@DuncanWeldon and @JohnGPeet explain how the Brexit trade deal will reshape cross-Channel business
-How much has covid-19 cost the global economy? @S1monCox calculates

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At this year's CES, carmakers once again joined makers of smartphones, smart toilets and smart dog flaps to showcase their tech

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A bigger concern is whether muting Donald Trump undermines social-media firms’ claim that they are impartial platforms

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On our “Checks and Balance” podcast: the right and the wrong ways to hold the president to account

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How have philosophers defined and thought about mob rule over millennia—and where do democracies go now?

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A city with no fights over congestion charges or parking regulations—because there would be no cars, nor even streets for cars to drive on

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National, rather than local, factors evidently drove America's murder rate last year. Why?

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“There’s a lot of potential legal trouble ahead for Donald Trump.” @stevenmazie tells “Checks and Balance” why the president faces a tricky few months, even after impeachment

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Republicans should think about how Donald Trump’s presidency will ultimately be judged, and their part in it. The more senators who vote to convict him in his impeachment, the better for their party and America

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If you have a track record of success in social-media and digital journalism, we'd like to hear from you. Apply by January 31st

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Thanks in part to the pandemic, the world might be about to experience a wave of technological innovation. Our cover outside of Britain and North America this week

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