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Opportunity, preparation—they meet, it's nice | @ESPN '13 Draft Class | @HarvardFootball '13 | D’Wood Wildcat ‘09 | S-T-O-N-E-M-O-U-N-T-A-I-N | 📷:TreavorScales

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ay, y’all — i’m literally on the radio all night long to bring in thanksgiving.

technically already is, but whatever.

sportscenter all night. @espnradio. turn me up.

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guys,,, i am flat out confused by these rankings

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My Return To The NFL.

this my favorite video of the day

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week 12, y’all. #thecollegefootballshow w/ @jasonfitz & me

come get some of this fun

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@TreavorScales As a member of the Jeezy Appreciation Committee along with our boy #36, I have to admit that Plies had the hardest verse in this song.

firm believer that we would’ve facetimed multiple times throughout this

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“Fantasticoooo, that’s what [they all] call me” 🗣🗣🗣

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hey, could do without the compound trip

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i’m thrown off

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been waitin on this track. CHIQUITA

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‘seen it all’ really is somethin serious, dog

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Replying to @JustinTinsley: This the time of the party where you find the exit

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doggggggg. i am uncomfortable

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This the time of the party where you find the exit

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gucci definition of a wild boy

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@KWright44 @TreavorScales Right now I got more rounds going to Jeezy

ionno, dog. the energy laflare came in the building with gotta count for somethin

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a photo shoot in real time. a1

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“guess what my mama told me? she hate my patnas” one of the hardest opening lines to a verse btw

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remember how this track surfaced like 3 years before the album dropped?

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ain’t heard a genuine “hellyatalmbout” in a grip and a half. i miss my city

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Five years ago today: @espnSteveLevy and @StuartScott w/ a pre-show fist bump before the very first SportsCenter in our new digital center when it opened #OTD in 2014. 👊🏽

so this is incredibly dope for a myriad of reasons, the first of which being that stu scott is, in fact, the goat

but also, i get to do my first sportscenter in the same studio tonight (12a et if you were curious). let’s get it

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