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Hello #NCTE20! We are a free, online writing community for teachers, & students ages 13–18. Competitions, a prompt library, *lots* of writing. Sign up below!

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Congrats to the winners of our Novel Writing Competition, chosen by our Guest Judge @RandaAFattah!

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Our Creative Nonfiction Competition asks students to write a personal story that exemplifies their 2020. The winner and runner-up pieces will be published on @thrive! Due Dec. 8. Get guidelines and resources below.

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Our Birdsong #writingprompt is a great way to get students to practice onomatopoeia! Take a look here.

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Our Creative Nonfiction Competition is now open! We're asking students ages 13-18 to tell us a story from their 2020: from a moment of hope in lockdown to social justice movements in their community. Plus, the top two entries will be published on @thrive! Due December 8.

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Replying to @ByrdSetrina: 💯♥️

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Quoted @Shamlet

Isolation is endemic to teaching at the best of times; 2020 has only exaggerated it. #NCTE20 was a good reminder of what we need: community, sharing ideas and stories and hopes. Being in community will help us move from survival mode into a re-imagined, creative future. #NCTE2020


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One hour to tear down! It's your last chance to find Write the World in "Hall W" of the #NCTE20 Exhibit Hall. Drop your business card to enter our drawing for $100 to spend at Harvard Book Store! 🌎

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English teachers, we hope you'll consider signing up for a free account at Write the World 🌍. Gain access to our community and our resources + create a private Group for your students and instruction! SIGN UP HERE:
#NCTE20 #NCTE2020

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WtW member Nydia Dara of Australia won "Best Peer Review" for our recent Historical Fiction contest. Nydia says her aim is to "identify the author’s intentions, because this allows me to offer personalized advice." Read more here:

#NCTE20 #NCTE2020

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We award prizes for the winning entry, the runner-up, and the best peer review for each our monthly writing competitions. We also interview winners on our blog. Meet all our past competition judges here:

#NCTE20 #NCTE2020

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Quoted @Write_the_World

True or false? Winners of our monthly writing competitions win cash prizes.

Any guesses #NCTE20?

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Listen to Unixis read her winning piece here:

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Read the winning Speechwriting entry "When the Black Kids Go Missing" by Unixis Hedwig here:

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Our monthly writing competitions are judged by renowned experts in their field. Take Speechwriting (Oct '20), judged by Sarah Hurwitz, White House Speechwriter 2009–2017 & former Head Speechwriter for Michelle Obama. Sarah wrote this about the winner she selected: #NCTE20

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Quoted @mrswallsreads

"Writing is a healing, generous act. We need to get back to the joy of creation that writing is." Tanya Baker @writingproject #NCTE2020

Hear, hear!

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Do your young writers like recognition & readers? Ours do! Here's some of the competitions we've run this year:

Oct: Speechwriting
Sept: Historical Fiction
Aug: Flash Fiction
July: Letter Writing
June: Food Writing
May: Playwriting

Sign up to learn more. (It's free!)

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Quoted @AdrienneBranden

The first step to getting kids to write their stories is getting them to realize SOMEONE is writing all the stories around us.

Write your story. Rewrite your own script.

Christopher Myers #NCTE20

Yes! When our young writers sign up at WtW, they immediately see a live feed of their peers publishing works from around the world. Some are marked "Seeking Peer Review," which serves as an invitation to get reading and get reviewing right away. Next: write your own! #NCTE20

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Jason Reynolds says he had no sense of shame growing up. His Mom never spoke the language of shame or guilt. She was a friend to him growing up. She's a friend to this day, he says.

We're grateful to her. That concludes his interview at #NCTE20. Thank you @SSEdLib!

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Jason Reynolds says his Mom believed in a different kind of rearing: Kids *had* to say "I can do anything" before bed each night. If they disagreed, they could say, but they had to do so with confidence & bring evidence. Highly prized the skill of public speaking. #NCTE20

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Quoted @Write_the_World

"Can't nobody be white-hot forever...The truth is, I don't want to work this hard forever...I'm supposed to be ushering in new voices...Everyone's so scared to lose their spot. Only way you lose your spot is if you don't usher new voices into the arena." —Jason Reynolds, #NCTE20


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