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Are you calm and collected on moving day or are you normal? Either way, we've got you. Plan ahead with these tips.

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Replying to @EmilyDreyfuss: me: trying to get some work done

the news: *ceaseless*

the children: *banging on my office door*

me: *unfazed, focuse…

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me: trying to get some work done

the news: *ceaseless*

the children: *banging on my office door*

me: *unfazed, focused af, head down, writing*

zillow email: we have an urgent update on your fantasy dream house

me: ok well this seems important

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Replying to @MarcEvanJackson: I spend a lot of time on @zillow.

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The Planner: The one who can almost always tell you what the housing market is doing

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The Stalker: The one who can’t stop browsing homes at all hours of the night

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The Creator: The one who imagines how they’d style every home they see

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The Visionary: The one who’s probably using Zillow to daydream right now

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#Zillowing personalities: a thread
Zillowing: shamelessly using the Zillow® app to daydream, procrastinate, lurk … or do all of the above.

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I spend a lot of time on @zillow.

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We expect 2021 will be a year unlike any other as the housing market responds to the challenges and changing preferences that emerged in 2020. Here are our bold predictions for 2021:

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Ready for the answers? (No cheating!)
Zen gardens: 136
Moats: 310
Not haunted: 15
4+ bathrooms: 3,973,500
Private beach: 3,192

How many did you get right?

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Finally, what about “private beach”? (We can dream.) 🌴

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How many searched for 4+ bathrooms? 🧻

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How many people added “not haunted” to their search? 👻

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How about moats? (Yes, moats.) 🏰

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How many people searched for Zen gardens? 🌳

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We’re here for all of the *very* specific searches on Zillow this year. Can you guess how many searches these home features got? 👇

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Historical home holiday tours may have scaled back this year, but we've got you covered with these four virtual tours:

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🏆 Holiday Challenge 🏆
Take this virtual tour of Georgia's Old Governor's mansion and count the poinsettia plants you see along the way.
Hint: There are more than you'd think 😉

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This year, it was easy to feel alone at home. But when we looked at our data, we noticed some things that brought us together.

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Craving an eye-catching kitchen upgrade without the fuss of a full-blown renovation? We've zeroed in on 7 cosmetic upgrades that make a big difference:

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