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A Jersey nigga in Ohio, tryna find my place in life . the quiet nigga in the room observing . 🏳️‍🌈 and #PROUD, but that’s just part of me . 💯👌🏾

North Canton, OH

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Replying to @GoodPoliticGuy: In Denmark, McDonald’s employees make $20 an hour and the price of Big Macs went up by $.80. Stop defending exploitatio…

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$15 minimum wage? congrats your taco bell order just became sit-down restaurant price

In Denmark, McDonald’s employees make $20 an hour and the price of Big Macs went up by $.80. Stop defending exploitation.

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Who needs a #PS5?

I do like last year

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Jmagine someone dogging you, your wife, your family, dividing out nation etc and then in turn you support and stand by that person and pretty much become their lap dog like @tedcruz did with @POTUS . What tf kind of man are you ?

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They should've never played this college football season. They don't care about the kids. Covid cases are still rising. Shame

Realist shit ive seen all day

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Quoted @locustdownsouth

Ya’ll really must not understand single player games

Facts ,

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Homie 2 Smoke With (Homies 2 Smoke With) via @YouTube

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Crazy . Stay woke

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#FIRE @dracoslides in purple though . #LinkinBio ✅💯

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I tell em’ “shhh,This middle finger sign for #silence” aint A fuckin way im keepin’ Quiet.

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This middle finger stand for #silence.

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This jus fire #DMX lol. Nigga had a dogg get in on the battle !!!!

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Replying to @NC061799: black Twitter look at her face 💀😭

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The Duke as 007? #Bridgerton fans want @regejean to play James Bond!


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These leftists clutching their pearls tonight is really something given the fact just a few months ago they were clutching TVs and Gucci belts as they bolted out of smashed store fronts.

I swear this has to be the most dumb , ignorant ass “woman.” I use the term “woman” LOOSELY.

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Quoted @Wavethoven

A government building was overthrown by Bass Pro Shop rewards members. Enemy countries licking they chops rn

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McGraw-Hill gotta be overwhelmed making these new history books

Mcgraw-Hill -

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I hear a lot of radio and shit trying to switch the narrative and say it wasnt the Trump supporters earlier. WHO TF ELSE WOULD IT BE ? WHOS MAD BECAUSE HE LOST , not the LEFT, who else would take time out their day for someone who likes golf more than the everday American.

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black Twitter look at her face 💀😭

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Cowboys at Giants #DALvsNYG

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#RatherYouThanMe one of the best albums of the decade. #dont@me

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