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#Atheist Long-term sober guy. Born in Brooklyn. Called "Proud Liberal Scum" by Trumpers. #imstillwithher NO Direct messages. #harrisbiden #digitalmarketing #SEO

At a Planned Parenthood near U

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I have various email accounts on my Mac, and I just deleted over 7000 messages. I usually delete messages immediately, but I wanted to see how long I could tolerate it.

It was absolutely gratifying to permanently delete those things.

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Replying to @addictionguy: Hey @USPS @USPSHelp I ordered stamps over two weeks ago from your website and I have yet to receive them. Are you able to…

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I’m glad I closed my Facebook account: Somebody I knew from HS decided to send me a friend request. I told him I remembered him and no

Him: why?
Me: you were a titanic asshole to me & to everybody else you encountered. that’s disgusting behavior. I don’t want to know you

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Quoted @cryanhyde

(Accidentally unpinned this, so I have to post it again.) This is "How to amuse a horse in one easy lesson."

Wouldn’t it be great if we had tons of video of this horse playing music? Even better, if we had someone that could mix a song and use the music from the horse, that would be fantastic. Catherine, do you have more video of your horse playing music?

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I never received a tracking number, so I have no idea where the stamps would be. Help?!?!?

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Hey @USPS @USPSHelp I ordered stamps over two weeks ago from your website and I have yet to receive them. Are you able to help track the purchase you sent to me?

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Well,,,, I just passed my Google Ads certification. I’m glad the certification was a part of one of the classes.

I don’t understand why people are so stressed about this. Well, I guess I do: The answers are totally counterintuitive.

Facebook marketing certification next?

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The brand messaging exercise for my class doesn't make any sense to me. If this exercise wasn't worth many points, I would skip it and take a zero.

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I have been applying to SEO/Digital marketing jobs and it appears I "might have a few interviews on the horizon. Not sure how I can take so many credits in school and work full time, produce, develop and market a podcast, and write content for another site.

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LOTS of people love talking about Hitler and his mental illness. I recall someone saying that the analysis of Hitler says more about the analyzer than it does about Hitler..

I would offer the same suggestion of Dr. Drew. It seems apparent his own pathology is showing.

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Dr. Drew LOVES offering feedback about politics and somehow he is seen as having significant expertise. #PROTIP: Adding the word "pathology" when you talk about behavior doesn't suggest you're right.

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Dr. Drew has been offering feedback about COVID? I wasn't aware a Psychiatrist had a rotation in Infectious Disease. I wasn't aware that simply attending medical school made you an expert in all things medical. Who knew.

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I used to like Dr. Drew. As I have spent my entire career treating addiction and PTSD, I looked up to him. I admired his intellect and insight. He has become an extension of the MAGA cult talking about stuff that is way past his expertise.

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I reported a dude to Twitter as he has two tweets which suggested I am a drug addicted rapist and Twitter tells me that doesn't violate their TOS? Really? I called a MAGA person stupid and I was suspended for three days.


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My daughter told me she wants to play Canasta. I haven't played that game in. YEARS.

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Quoted @ChefGruel

More Ugly Food - favorite combo: Salami, Turkey, Brie, Potato Bread, Tiger Sauce, and a dash of Twitter bot tears.

No idea what this is, but damn if this doesn't look awesome

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How did I get so lucky???

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The Dr. Seuss books have racial undertones ? It's been eons since I read any of them so I don't remember.

I was surprised when someone told me they saw racism in the Velveteen Rabbit. I don't recall that either. I need to read some of this, perhaps during the quarters

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