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We will never, ever give up making this world better for everyone, everywhere.

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Child labour should have no place in today's world.

Sadly, it remains a reality for 152 million children.

2021 is the International Year to #EndChildLabour, an opportunity to accelerate efforts to end this harmful practice.

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This #EducationDay, I pay tribute to the resilience of students, teachers and families faced with disruptions caused by #COVID19.

As the world continues to battle the pandemic, education must be protected to avert a generational catastrophe.

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Preventing conflict & maintaining peace can save countless lives.

I urge the international community to come together and step up to #InvestInPeace.

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Governments must protect their people, but “vaccinationalism” is self-defeating and will delay a global recovery.

#COVID19 cannot be beaten one country at a time.

Our world can only beat this virus one way — together.

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Today, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons enters into force.

This is a major step toward a world free of nuclear weapons.

I call on all countries to work together to realize this vision, for our common security and collective safety.

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Yesterday I congratulated Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on the beginning of their mandates as @POTUS and @VP.

The United States is an indispensable partner of the @UN family. We look forward to strong collaboration as we work to build a future of dignity & opportunity for all.

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I strongly condemn the deadly double suicide bombing targeting civilians at a market in Baghdad today.

I appeal to the people of Iraq to reject any attempts to spread fear & violence & call on the Government to ensure that those behind these crimes are brought to justice.

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Some countries are procuring #COVID19 vaccines beyond need.

We need countries to commit now to sharing excess doses of vaccines.

This would help vaccinate all health care workers around the world on an urgent basis and protect health systems from collapse.

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I warmly welcome @POTUS Joe Biden’s steps for the USA to re-enter the #ParisAgreement, the global roadmap to tackle the climate emergency.

With all countries fully engaged, we have a real opportunity to prevent climate catastrophe & embark on transformative #ClimateAction.

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Already this year, nine @UN peacekeepers have been killed around the world.

This is shocking, shameful & unacceptable.

I salute the service & sacrifice of the women & men of @UNPeacekeeping who serve or have lost their lives serving in the name of peace.

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All countries need #COVID19 vaccine doses now to protect all healthcare and frontline workers.

We must treat vaccines as a global public good —people’s vaccines — accessible & affordable to all.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream of equality and social justice for all remains an inspiration.

Decades after his death, the fight for equality is far from over. Let us build on his work as we continue our pursuit of a better world for all. #MLKDay

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As safe, effective #COVID19 vaccines are being rolled out, let’s also remember the simple and proven steps we can all take to keep each other safe:

▪ Wear masks
▪ Maintain physical distance
▪ Avoid crowds

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It's impossible not to feel heartbroken when we see so many people with no access to healthcare.

This is absolutely intolerable.

I'm determined to do all I can to mobilize the international community to make universal health coverage a reality by 2030.

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#COVID19 vaccines are reaching high income countries quickly, while the world’s poorest have none at all.

Science is succeeding — but solidarity is failing.

Global solidarity will save lives, protect people & help defeat this vicious, mutating virus.

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A new momentum is emerging.

Many large emitters have committed to achieving zero net emissions by 2050.

The main goal of the @UN this year is to build a global coalition for carbon neutrality.

Every country, city & business must adopt an ambitious roadmap to reach this target.

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International migrants help fill critical labour gaps & and complement workers in their host communities - as we have seen amid #COVID19.

Safe, orderly and regular migration benefits everyone.

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Our world has reached a heart-wrenching milestone: #COVID19 has now claimed two million lives.

Sadly, the impact of the pandemic has been made worse by the absence of global coordination.

In the memory of those two million souls, the world must act with far greater solidarity.

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It is a moral imperative to help those already suffering from the effects of climate change to adapt.

Yet, huge gaps remain in our support for developing countries.

Adaptation is crucial and must not be the forgotten component of #ClimateAction.

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