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What makes Being Human Clothing unique is its beautiful DNA made of its core values: Love, Care, Share, Help, Hope and Joy.

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Don’t miss out! The Black Friday Weekend Sale is almost over ⏳Last TWO days left🏃🏻‍♂️
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merchandise 😍

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Black Friday Weekend Sale begins today🖤

Here’s your chance to enjoy FLAT 30% off & up to 50% on selected merchandise🎉

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Introducing our new collection. Luxe feel, fuss-free, perfect fit - What’s not to love? 😎

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Mix, match and relax. Our new arrivals will make you feel carefree and comfortable right from the start 🤩
#beinghumanclothing #lovecareshare

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Fill your home with light and happiness. Wishing you & your family a very Happy Diwali ✨🎉
#beinghumanclothing #lovecareshare #diwali

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No such thing as too comfy. Like our insanely light & easy singlets that you might never want to take off 🙌🏻
#beinghumanclothing #lovecareshare

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Coming soon... BHUJ🎉

We are super excited to announce that we will be opening our latest store in Bhuj very soon.

Stay tuned for more details 🥳

#beinghumanclothing #lovecareshare

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It starts with being human first, so do our new arrivals 🤩

#beinghumanclothing #lovecareshare

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Some news stories to make you smile 😊

#beinghumanclothing #lovecareshare #goodnews

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Wearing a mask is an essential service.
Wash your hands,
Wear your mask,
Stay safe 🙌🏽

#beinghumanclothing #lovecareshare #masks

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Touch a plant, stretch your toes in the grass, connect with the outdoors in whatever way you can 🌿

#beinghumanclothing #lovecareshare #nature

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To make your outdoor experience more comfortable and hassle free, we bring to you our premium quality face masks 💛

#beinghumanclothing #lovecareshare #masks

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Winter is coming! That means more cool jackets, soft tees and comfy sweats coming your way 😎

#beinghumanclothing #lovecareshare #cool #comfy

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A season-after-season classic. In comfy fabrics and easy fits, take your leisurewear to the next level.

#beinghumanclothing #lovecareshare #classic #comfy

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Is there anything better than sipping your favourite beverage in the morning?

How do you start your mornings? Coffee, tea? ☕

#beinghumanclothing #lovecareshare

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Styles that will make you feel relaxed whether you’re working, dancing or lounging 😎

#beinghumanclothing #lovecareshare #comfy

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A round-up of positive news from the week. We hope to brighten your day with this week’s good news 🌝

#beinghumanclothing #lovecareshare #goodnews

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Spend less time thinking about your wardrobe and more time lounging in these light, airy, fuss-free singlets just like how @BeingSalmanKhan likes it😃

Don’t miss out! 👖👕👚 Up to 60% off.

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Remember, you don’t always have to follow what everyone else does. There are things that may be good for other people, but not for you. Find your own path.

#beinghumanclothing #lovecareshare

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