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production company meeting is SET. never not working

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@chrissyteigen idk chrissy once i was in the subway standing next to a cute stranger and i took a picture so i could send it to my friends and the flash went off. less than a foot away from their face.

would die but also be so happy I could tell this story and get make other people majorly cringe laugh lol so there’s that!!

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made john change to match me to take a cool photo at my office but @AdeenaSussman made us stop at the store to get vanilla pudding

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John could do it. I wouldn’t care.

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Meanwhile if any of us, any of us!, were called by the wrong name, WE WOULD NOT CARE? I can’t imagine caring

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To me, the most embarrassing thing in entire entire entire entire entire entire entire entire entire world, as in I wanna melt into a puddle and down a drain into the ocean then boiled into steam and blown into the atmosphere, is calling someone by the wrong name

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Omg no! I misspoke. I meant...

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I wanna break it and see what’s inside so bad

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You are someone's most hated Twitter account.

ohhhhhhh trust me, I know !

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Just ordered Miles a Christmas gift that won’t deliver in time so telling them Christmas is January 4th lol kids ... can be fun

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the credits lol

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Saw Fatal Attraction again & remembered when I'd seen it with a packed crowd, Anne Archer's line: "If you come near my family again, I'll kill you", made the place ERUPT in applause. Made me miss the roar of the audience. Name some scenes that memorably brought the house down.

Last one I recall was the final Allison Williams scene in Get Out. Oooooooh boy we all went nuts.

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hello who made this, truly would like to credit its beauty

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crate and barrel was so mad at mom and I for pretending it was Black Friday today lmao sorry Parker we ♥️ you thank u for helping us buy these pillows after

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I love it here. pry it from my cold dead hands

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it’’s his part from their...their duet. like. he is on the song

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haven’t posted one of these in a while 🤍


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Oh I’ll just respond to myself, actually: the point is not how great breast milk is. WE KNOW THAT. the point is FORMULA IS OKAY ... *weeeee are not talking about youuuuuuuuuu*

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