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Quoted @Olivia_Rodrigo

@amicrazyinlove the way manic is my lifeblood. thank u @halsey u rule the world .

!!!!!!! oh oh oh! I have a special thing on the way to you! It’s goofy and a small thing but I hope it makes you smile. congratulations on everything it’s so deserved!!!! 🤍

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Quoted @R00M1975

Is it just me or does @halsey Jersey accent is stronger lately

Nature is healing

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Quoted @aureumnightmare

@halsey have any of us made a correct guess

Not this time!

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Quoted @georgiiamadison

@halsey is it music related👁👄👁


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Quoted @feltIikeheaven

@halsey it’s literally the anti valentine’s day collection 😐✋🏼

nooooo hahaha

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Quoted @929ctrl

@halsey when will the next secret be revealed?

20 days or so!

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Quoted @badlandsbabeee

@halsey Seriously how did you forget manic was almost one year old

I got so much new stuff on my mind!!!! I’m sorry 😩

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Quoted @KheylNicole

@halsey why didn't you show us jagger after the makeup i was looking forward to seeing him

He has a double ear infection 😔 he resting

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Quoted @isabelleprimave

@halsey pls tell me you wash your hands before you start applying your makeup tho 🥵

omg am I being quizzed rn or what? Lmao!!!!

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Quoted @evrythinisblue

@halsey you can’t get nothing past us LOL

More like you guys pick on me so I gotta have an answer for everythinggggggg

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Quoted @halseysstardust

@halsey makeup wipes ??? no double cleanse... ma’am

I was talking about wiping the palette off my hand!!!!!

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Quoted @violenciagas

@halsey u only ,, use face wash ??? my skincare enthusiast heart is shaking. why not a double cleansing system ???

I double cleanse! I was just saying this product in particular comes off in the first wash :)

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Quoted @fooIshalsey

i just think it’s FUNNy that halsey has a WHOLE makeup room and we ain’t ever gotten a tour of it 😔 it’s ALL makeup!!! AND wigs!!!!!

excuse me it’s always a mess

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Quoted @rootsfranta

@halsey are the shadow paints easy to take off, like can you just use face wash or will you need makeup remover?? cause the paints looked hard to get off your hand in the live!

They come right off with my face wash! But I’m sure it doesn’t hurt to have a makeup remover bc they are long wear. They were tough to get off cause I could only find dry ass baby wipes 😂 my makeup wipes were nowhere to be found

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Quoted @briannataunton1

homegirl was about to risk it all with that lil phone stand @halsey

it’s a hugeee veladora / prayer candle 😂

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Quoted @goldenbIush

@halsey did u have it built that way or was it already like that

I built it! Because I only need one bedroom lol. So I made one into a makeup room so I can get ready for award shows and stuff at home but also to store all my makeup cause it’s my most space consuming hobby !!!

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Quoted @hurricanni

where are your lights/mirror from tho @halsey

the whole room was built for makeup 😬

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Quoted @badlandmermaids

its the way halsey holds her own head while doing her makeup

I just noticed this for the first time today omg

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many of you know ive done my own makeup for a long time. i believe makeup is about feeling cool, not looking perfect. “about-face” is available for preorder now ✨ -- @aboutfacebeauty

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