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Jared Padalecki

Joined on 4 June, 2011

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Quoted @GenesisShelter

@jarpad This means the world to us, Jared. Thank you for using your voice for good and rallying this incredible support. We are overwhelmed!

We will get you the help you need ❤️ #AKF #WalkerFamily #SPNFamily #TexasStrong

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Quoted @Stands

RT: If you donate directly to @GenesisShelter here: or their amazon wish list here: please email your receipt to @Otis_Stands at You will be entered to win a @jarpad AKF Bracelet. TEN WINNERS, open worldwide

Good luck y'all and THANK YOU! ❤️🙏

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Quoted @GenesisShelter

For the first time in 35+ yrs, our emergency shelter & transitional housing have been completely shut down due to burst pipes & power loss. If you are currently in a position to help, we ask that you make a donation; our needs are critical and immediate:

If you have the means, will you please consider donating to this shelter. #SPNFamily

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That face-flop got a perfect score from the russian judge. #walker #WalkerFamily

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That was actiony!! #walker #WalkerFamily

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UH-OH!!!! What is August doing there?!?! 😳😳😳😳 #walker #WalkerFamily

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Time to rob a bank!!! Wait, what does @linzzmorgan have to “do first”?? 😳 #walker #WalkerFamily

 3,046  96  235

Micki coming to save the day!!! @linzzmorgan #Walker #WalkerFamily

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#walker wants her OUT OF AUSTIN!!! #WalkerFamily

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Oh no it’s back 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
#DadBod #Walker #WalkerFamily

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It’s not aftershave. It’s “stink”. 🤦‍♂️
#walker #WalkerFamily

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Uh-oh! #DadBod on the loose!! Somebody go grab it!!! #walker

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#walker is MAAAAD!!! #WalkerFamily

 3,287  93  243

The face-underwater shots were pretty easy for me, because I can hold my breath for exactly 4 seconds. #walker #WalkerFamily

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BTS: I rode that bull for four minutes. But we had to cut those shots for timing sake. We even traded places. #walker #WalkerFamily

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Gonna watch the ALL NEW #Walker with y’all in 25 minutes!! Now that we’ve shut off our water from our busted pipe, and figured out how to stay (mostly) warm after we lost power, I need to be distracted 😊
Hope y’all are safe and sound out there. 🙏🙏

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Thanks for joining!!! Can’t WAIT to watch #walker with you next Thursday for another all-new episode!!!

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Got some ‘splainin to do #walker .... I get the feeling we’ll be learning MORE about that... 😳😳😳
#walker #WalkerFamily

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Abeline’s Jalapeño Jam is NOT to be messed with... might make you tear up... 🤦‍♂️
#walker #WalkerFamily

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