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Quoted @AllStarMornings

@raywylie I can top that.... I'm gonna be a DJ! 😁

you win..

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I’m gonna be a musician #dissapointyourfamilyin5words

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Quoted @CosmicHippie333

@raywylie “You’re just assembled from boxcars and put together like tinkertoys.”

Isn’t that from one of my songs? I can’t remember which one as when I write new ones, the old ones get put in my thinker attic and get quite dusty..

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Quoted @lorieliebig

As coronavirus cases rise and our mayor continues to keep us at phase 3, this is what Lower Broadway looks like right now.

humans: the shame of the universe..

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Quoted @jessi_england8

It’s been a long time coming. But I think it’s time to see what being sober for an extended amount of time looks like. The liquid band aid isn’t working anymore. Gladly accepting encouragement. And I’d appreciate any helpful advice. ❤️

Dm me

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@RodeoGoatDallas they have the motherblues burger and playing conversations with the devil @raywylie

Oh yeah? Prove it..

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Quoted @PinaTaylotta

@raywylie Totally agreed. Not trying to pit anyone against each other.
Trying to take a numerical consensus of my followers to people who would buy tickets for certain shows. This way I could book an artist & have a roundabout feeling of what to prepare for.

pretty smart..

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Quoted @PinaTaylotta

Who would you rather see *ACOUSTIC*?

contests pitting one artist against another diminishes the nobility of the soul and stains the heart of the pure..a true artist wouldn’t lower themselves to a degrading level of..of..uh, what do I get if I win? how many times can I vote?

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Quoted @jessi_england8

@raywylie I’ve been good, Ray! Writing quite a bit the last month. Trying to stay healthy and keep a positive outlook. So proud to know you liked the record and really dug Break My Heart. @nicktothejay did a fine job producing the record. How are you Motha Hubb?

ma hub still planning the heists and driving the getaway car after the robbery’s..

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Quoted @jessi_england8

@PinaTaylotta I saw @raywylie play acoustic to a packed room at the Saxon Pub and you could hear a pen drop. Such an incredible night of story telling. I’ll never forget it. 8 years ago this month I believe.

jessi.. been awhile. how are you? I dig “break my heart” ..well, all your stuff really. you write from the place the true poet knows..stay safe. hope to see you and catch up soon.

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Quoted @GurfMorlix

Read this review of KISS OF THE DIAMONDBACK.

yes indeed..

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Quoted @majesticben

@raywylie Enjoyed seeing you break out a Martin and a National, felt like I entered an alternative universe.

wait till i bring out the 30’s supro and 1959 martin d18e..

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a while back this one armed armed robber from okla who had done his time told me when we were driving and this truck cut me off and I cussed at him and was going to chase him down and shoot him the finger that I should just drive the vehicle I’m in..whether I’m in my car or not.

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Replying to @wellwarthsound: @raywylie @TopoChicoUSA Sure am grateful that every time I come over you hand me a topo Chico . Thanks Ray

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@raywylie @TopoChicoUSA Sure am grateful that every time I come over you hand me a topo Chico . Thanks Ray

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aw man..hope this isn’t too late: boots-11(pointed toe), jeans-33x34 (Levi’s 511 or 512), t shirt-xl, hat-7&3/8, stings-ghs white bronze light, water-@TopoChicoUSA grapefruit..see for P.O. Box.

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Quoted @marygauthier_

We can't wait to reunite with my old friend @raywylie this weekend!
🕶 Watch the #SundaysWithMary livestream - Sunday, 2pm CT on @Facebook & @YouTube.

okay: softball questions.. no crossfire blindside stuff. hope you got a 7 second delay in case judy is other room reading facebook; she got cuss words make bikers and sailers blush. oh yeah..don’t bring up ‘dating game’ or leather pants.

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Quoted @elizagilkyson

@raywylie Whoa!! ❤️

whoa indeed..

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Join Ray Wylie and Mary Gauthier tomorrow at 2pm CST on Mary's Facebook or YouTube!

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I'm damn excited my record Co-Starring is out. This is it.. the wait is over! Im pretty sure you will dig it..I do.

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