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Super Bright Colours, Super Bright Ratings!
With an amazing 4.3 Rating, users are loving the 139cm (55”) #realmeSmartSLEDTV. It’s time to #BringTheCinemaHome!

Available on and @Flipkart.
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Unleash the adventurer in you! Wishing everyone a wonderful #NationalTourismDay.

Picture credits: Pradeesh Thambalackadan

 342  5  19  Download

See every detail in the dark with Infrared Night Vision of the #realmeSmartCam. Get ready for maximum security round the clock.

Available on and @Flipkart.
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Time to be #SmarterRoundTheClock. Carry your style wherever you go with the #realmeWatchS featuring 100+ Watch Faces and Stylish Straps that match your vibe.

Starting at ₹4,999. Available on & @Flipkart.
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Vibe with your #realmeBudsAirPro for hours without worrying about charging. You can #TuneOutTheNoise with just 10 minutes of charging for 3 hours of playback.

Available on and @Flipkart.
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Offers so great, they are like music to your ears! Get your favourite buds at exciting prices* when you shop at the #RealpublicSale.
Don’t miss out on the last day!

*T&C Apply
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The clock is ticking and it’s #TimeToBeSmarter. Grab the #realmeWatch at an amazing price* during the #RealpublicSale, ending tomorrow.

*T&C Apply
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A perfect sync between audio and video. The #realmeBudsAirPro Master Edition offers 94ms Super Low Latency for a lag-free experience.

Available on and @Flipkart.
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Drop the wires and avail exciting deals* on #realmeBudsWireless and #realmeBudsWirelessPro. Get them now at the #RealpublicSale, ending tomorrow!
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I spy… an amazing offer! Choose the #realmeSmartCam for total protection at a special price* only during the #RealpublicSale, till 24th January.
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Go Pro-Style with #TheStylishNewPro!
Choose your dial from more than 100+ Watch Faces of the super stylish #realmeWatchSPro.

Priced at ₹9,999. Available on & @Flipkart.
Know more:

 148  3  9  Download

Pisces are energized by lively music and here’s your chance to experience a powerful bass from the comfort of your home with the #realme100WSoundbar.
Can you guess the last sun sign on our #RealHoroscope list?

 176  7  17  Download

Up, down, left, right.
Be it day or night.
Capture everything with 360° horizontal rotation and 104° vertical rotation range of the #realmeSmartCam and stay in total control.

Available on , @amazonIN & @Flipkart.
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Power-packed savings are here! Check out some amazing deals* on your favourite #realme AIoT products only at the #RealpublicSale, till 24th January.

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Do more and explore a variety of functions from Sleep Monitor to Drinking Water Reminder and much more on the #realmeWatchS. Time to be #SmarterRoundTheClock!
Starting at ₹4,999. Get yours on & @Flipkart.
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 123  5  10  Download

It's time for the last sign of #RealHoroscope, Aquarius. Here’s your chance to take a deep dive in the world of possibilities with the super reliable #realmeWatchSPro.
Drop an emoji that describes your sun sign in the replies!

 150  8  14  Download

Looks like our users have turned the #NoiseOffMusicOn, what about you? Get your hands on the smart and stylish #realmeBudsWirelessPro today!

Available on and @amazonIN.
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Enjoy #QuiteStylishTrueWireless audio experience in your own choice of style. Take your pick from the 3 fabulous variants of #realmeBudsQ.

Available on & @Flipkart.
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Entertainment begins at home. Avail super exciting deals* on the #realmeSmartTV range only at the #RealpublicSale, till 24th January.
*T&C Apply
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