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The new album Love Goes.
Out now:

London, England

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To follow 'Roses Are Red', my next mini album is 'Violets Are Blue' This is for anyone who's feeling a bit heartbroken or melancholy... I think it can be powerful to embrace those feelings, It's ok to feel sad sometimes!! Sending love to you all xx

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Replying to @pandoramusic: "My arms will be wide open, for the moment you arrive," sings @samsmith on the beautiful new Christmas track "The Lightho…

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"My arms will be wide open, for the moment you arrive," sings @samsmith on the beautiful new Christmas track "The Lighthouse Keeper." ❤️ Listen now:

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TONIGHT!! Cant wait for this @JulieAdenuga 🔥
Tune in live from 8pm GMT at @AmazonMusicUK

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2014 - out magazine

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Diamonds, live at Abbey Road Studios 💎🤍

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Thank you for all your questions everyone... I hope you enjoy my @MostRequestLive @AskAnythingChat ❤️ @iHeartRadio @OnAirRomeo

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Nanook really digs the new @samsmith Christmas song #lighthousekeeper


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Excited to announce that @JulieAdenuga and I will be in conversation for @AmazonMusicUK next Tuesday xx

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Yeah I see you looking. Looking for a sign. Praying for a beacon. So here’s the light ✨ #TheLightHouseKeeper

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I’m interviewing @samsmith LIVE on @AmazonMusicUK’s Twitch channel next week Tuesday @ 8pm!

You can watch us on the Amazon Music app 👅


❤️ can’t wait gorgeous

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The official video for The Lighthouse Keeper is here!! Watch exclusively on my facebook page 🎄🤍 Me and @Labrinth poured our hearts into this song, so I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it. Merry Christmas everyone, love you all xx

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Sending you love from London xx

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Thinking of giving it all up and going to become a Lighthouse Keeper with @samsmith.


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“Labrinth and I poured our hearts into this one and it has honestly been pure joy to create and make” - @samsmith shares his new single "The Lighthouse Keeper"


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I know it's November but I can't help but feel Christmassy already and so I'm beyond excited to share that my new song 'The Lighthouse Keeper' is out now. Listen at
and see you at 6pm GMT for the official video premiere on my Facebook page 🎄🤍

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DIAMONDS. Live at @AbbeyRoad Studios ❤️
Thank you to everyone listening to my new single xx

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Missing being out in nature so much today x

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Lighthouse Keeper
Friday 20.11
The official video premieres exclusively on my Facebook page this Friday at 6pm GMT x

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I’m feeling Christmassy already. Is that ok?

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Love Goes

Mixture of emotions releasing this album. It’s such a weird time to release music but I hope this record can be your friend. It’s been mine. This is a celebration of youth and music and singing like a drama queen. I love you all eternally x

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