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I used to be into ppl who talked to me bad and treated me funky .. weird shit I’m glad that’s over 🥴

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@sza Do you like scorpios??

Y’all know I’m a scorpio why would ask me !?? NO LMAO 🗣🗣I’m tryna be a better person

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@sza Do you like geminis?

I dated a Gemini “I haven’t blocked you since the last time I blocked you” 🥺

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@sza help wait what the he’ll is ur header

A chihuahua riding on number 2’s duh

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@sza do you like sagittarius 😅

My older sisters a sag And really tore my ass up 😩 it’s been a hard time w chall lmao

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@sza Taurus women are trash!! You stay on us Aries tho!!! We are awesome!!!! Come be my friend. You’ll love it here!

This was the most aires tweet ever . U see ?? Lmao

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@sza do u like aries

Do y’all like MEEE??? Lmao

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@sza thought on virgos bestie

Pahaha my BEST friend from home is a virgo .. she had 4 jobs by junior year def taught me how to hustle

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@sza now make @Saweetie the third cancer you love cause she said she loves you and how dope you are

Wait really !????? She’s so fucking pretty lmao I’m stressed jus thinking about it 😭🤦🏾‍♀️

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I usually vibe really hard w taurus women , women w Pisces placements , annndd Capricorn placements. Me n Aries is a work in progress lmao but I’m confident

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@sza Made a cancer friend this year who really change my perspective on cancers too. Kinda nice cuz i was boderline prejudice with cancers it wasnt cute

Lmao I really was tho 😭 she changed my whole perspective I was like wait a damn minute 🧐

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Kali Uchis might be the first cancer woman outside of my mother to treat me w the utmost nurturing kindness 🥺... I love cancers ? Lol 💗👑✨

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Played n dipped way to kill the mood .😔

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@sza how does it work for u to share snippets? do u only share the ones you intend to put out in the first place?

Nah I jus be posting what I’m working on in the moment like a dummy and I get myself in trouble lol

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@sza question - are you surprised the new song got really popular before it was even out

also you should post the entire thing so we can decide on a better name if you want teehee

Lmao yes ? Specially from a snippet I had to change my entire trajectory to give it to y’all faster 😭

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Hypothetically: if someone posts videos of you that you’ve never seen w out ur permission .. u coo or u trippin I’m tryn see sumn 🧐

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@sza was the shoot for the album/music dump cover??

Lol correct ballpark .. lol not the right base

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@sza but I’ve never seen you in the same outfit twice girl😭

Yes you have lmao I jus be throwing shit together in new order 😌

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