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Start catching up on these classics.

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Experience authentic galactic flavor. 👾

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Christmas lights seasons is here.

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See some of the most beautiful vistas in L.A. from your car window.

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It’s not a lockdown, but expect limited capacities and a couple of closures starting Monday.

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is still closed, but here’s how you can accio some Butterbeer.

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Get a bit of sun and fresh air (while maintaining your distance, of course) at these spots.

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Staying in? Put an order in at one of these spots.

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One of our favorite outdoor screenings series returns as a drive-in tonight.

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We could spend hours digging through all of the photos and time-lapse videos from the mountaintop.

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We had to remove a couple of late-night screenings due to the curfew, but there are still plenty between now and the end of the year.

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We’re thankful for our library cards this year.

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Experience "authentic galactic flavor." 👾

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Forget the turkey. Pass the diablo sauce.

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In case your supply has already run out.

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The only place you should probably be traveling today is from your bed to your couch.

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Simplify your search for oat milk.

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The on-site dining ban goes into effect tonight at 10pm.

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You'll need lots of butter and a bottle of cheap white wine 🍷

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We don’t know yet when it’ll go into effect, but it’s likely to include a ban on all gatherings and even more limited indoor capacities—but beaches and trails will remain open.

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